Easy Peasy Hairpins

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Today's project is super, duper easy and fun.  We're going to make/embellish some hairpins.  

This is a great project to do with younger people as well because it's really easy.  (While my son won't be wearing one, he was really excited to help make them.)  The reason for this project is that I've been wanting to wearing my hair (not my makeup) like these pictures I found on Pinterest.

Then I saw these clips at Anthropologie and while I was tempted to get some, I figured making them would be inexpensive and easy.

So I purchased some hairpins and clips at Hobby Lobby and I also stopped at an antique shop and picked up some vintage earrings.  I invited my crafty friend over and we worked together.  It's a good project to do with a friend, because there are two hairpins to make from each earring set - one for each person.

After the supplies were assembled we broke out the secret weapon - Aleene's SUPER Gel Adhesive.  I love this glue.  It holds so well - even metal to metal.  What I like about it the most is that it has a little brush in it just like nail polish.  (Let's just say I've had some bad encounters with little tubes of super glue and there's still evidence on my kitchen table.)  This stuff is way easier to use because of the brush.

I used some wire cutters to snap off the back of the earrings.

We brushed on some adhesive and added the earrings.  

You only have to hold the pin to the earring for a minute or two until it's really on there and dry.

This clip was originally blank on top, but I happened to have little leaf beads that fit right in it, so I glued them on.

Buttons also work well for this project.  You just have to use ones that don't have a loop on the back.  I had my assistant select some for me.

I am excited to wear them now.  The redish-brown one looked so cute in my friend's blonde hair.

It's a great five minute project with fun results.

Thanks for stopping by.