Knit-Print Wrapping Paper

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Recently on I Love to Create, I experimented with painting on knitwear. This got me to thinking; why not reverse the process and use the knitwear to paint with? It's that time of year when we all need wrapping paper and customizing your own is simple to do and with this method, also a great way to recycle those swatches us knitters have stashed away in boxes.

Here's the holiday how!

Brown, Craft Paper
Knitted or Crocheted Swatches
Little Chica Paint Pack (Which conveniently includes both Christmas AND Hannukah colors!)
Sponge Brush

  • Spread a thin layer of paint over your swatch. Press swatch face down, on your craft paper. Repeat until paper's covered. Let dry.

  • For a little extra razzle dazzle, add a layer of glitter paint by covering your swatch then pressing it down at random places over your paper.
Granny Square Print
Granny Square Printing

Stockinette Swatch Print

Ribbed Swatch Print

Tip: Top your knit-print wrapping paper with handmade, yarn ribbons!
Swatch Painted Wrapping Paper