Paint Resist Lyrical Lovesong Pillowcase

Friday, February 5, 2010

(lyrics from Cameo's song, Sparkle)

Don't you want to be the last thing on your significant other's mind before he/she falls asleep? Diamonds and roses are nice, but they won't do the trick. But a Lyrical Love Song Pillowcase will. Choose your favorite tune - maybe one from your wedding or first date - write the lyrics on a pillowcase, then dye it whatever shade you want. Imagine your sweetie snuggling up to your sentimental, romantic verses long after Valentine's Day has gone.

This concoction uses fabric-friendly supplies to ensure the pillowcase will be soft and irresistibly huggable. Just like you!

This is also a fun project for kids to try. Let them draw on the pillowcase or scribble a love note. Resist medium and fabric spray paint can be found in the clothing aisles at the craft store.

1 cotton pillowcase
2 tubes of Tulip® Cool Color Block
1 bottle of Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™

Set out the pillowcase on a covered surface. Write your lyrics across the fabric and let dry according to package directions. TIP: The Color Block will spread - so make sure to write big and spacious!

When dry, spray with color, let dry and wash according to package directions. I used Tulip Fabric Spray in bright red, and then covered with a coat of gold glitter fabric spray.