iLoveToCreate Teen Romantic Wristlet Ribbon Corsage

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Romantic Wristlet Copyright 2010 Margot Potter for iLoveToCreate
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iLoveToCreate Romantic Wristlet
Mixed Media Ribbon Corsage
Margot Potter
Teen Crafts
"Mom crafted, kid approved."

I have a deep and abiding love of all things vintage and romantic. When I saw this lovely wired damask ribbon I simply had to have it because I knew it would make the most charming ribbon flowers that would be delightful for Valentine's Day. A little sewing, a little Liquid Fusion, a little Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky glue and you’ve got a lovely ribbon corsage or hair clip, pin, card embellishment... Make a whole bouquet of these on hard wire stems and give them to a sweetheart or glue a variety of these around the edges of a frame. The thinner the ribbon, the flatter your flowers will be. I doubled up two flowers to make a ribbon rose and added some vintage button accents and attached it to a ribbon wristlet for a simply stunning corsage. This would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day dance.

If your teen is a girlie girl, she’ll adore these flowers and they’re so fun and easy to make I guarantee you’ll be searching for ribbon to make more! These aren’t just for teens, they’d be perfect for bridesmaids too!  Heck I'd sport this wristlet myself.  I can't wait to surprise Avalon with this on her birthday this Thursday! 

Ribbon (I used 2.5” thick damask print ribbon with wired edges)
Vintage buttons
Magnetic purse snap
Liquid Fusion Glue
Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue

Chain nose pliers
Sewing needle

1. Cut an 11” length of red damask ribbon. Fold the edge on one end.

2. Use a simple basting stitch to sew the bottom edge of the ribbon.

3. Gently remove wire from top of ribbon.

4. When you get almost to the end of the ribbon, fold the end and sew the two ends together.

5. Gently pull the thread to create a flower.

6. Sew the edges together and finish. Cut off excess thread. Fold top edge over to create the first layer your rose.

7. Repeat making a 9” flower.

8. Sew the two flowers together, nesting the smaller flower in the center of the larger flower. Fold edge over as before.

9. Glue a smaller white button into the center of a larger red button. While still wet, glue these to the center of the smaller flower. Use thread to tack the buttons down. Cut off excess thread. Allow glue to dry.

10. Fold a 5.5” section of black and white damask ribbon over itself to create one half of a bow shape. You should have a 2.75” bow end. Repeat on the other side, leaving the ribbon end attached to the spool.

11. Wrap the ribbon around itself and gently tug to create a bow. The bow should be 5.5” wide. Cut off excess ribbon.

12. Use the thread to secure your ribbon together and sew it to the bottom of your ribbon rose.

13. Measure and cut a length of ribbon to fit your wrist, leaving a 1” overlap on each end. Remove wire from both sides of ribbon.  Fold end over 1/2" thick, mark center placement of magnetic snap.

14. Cut slits for snap to thread into, thread snap into ribbon and bracket and fold over ends with chain nose pliers.

15. Tack a button over the exposed snap end on one side with thread, secure with Liquid Fusion glue and allow to dry.

16. Tack flower to center of wristlet with thread and secure with Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue. Allow to dry. You can remove your ribbon flower and attach to a hair clip when the wristlet gets dirty.