Easter Egg Mosaic Earrings

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail. You know what that means, time to put on your Easter craft thinking caps. In a random stroke of luck I recently discovered a vintage Easter crafts idea book from PAAS full of egg inspiration. One of my favorite projects was an eggshell mosaic lamp. A lamp seemed like a whole lot of eggs, but a pair of earrings was totally doable. Today for I Love to Create let's make Easter wearable.

Plain Earrings
Aleene's Tacky Glue
Easter Egg Dye

Come on you know you are going to dye eggs anyway. Make a quiche, egg salad or omelet and get crafty with the dyed shells. First I hardboiled my eggs. You can find egg dying kits at most grocery stores. Dye your eggs following the instructions on the package, I opted for hot pink and lime green.

Once your eggs are dyed peel the shells. I broke my shells up into pieces. I started my drawing a large circle in the center of my earrings with Tacky Glue. I filled the circle in with pink eggshells. I found the best method was to start with a layer of larger egg shells and then add smaller pieces where there are blank spaces. Once the glue had started to dry a bit I went back over the circle with more Tacky Glue to act as a protective coat and anchor down all my pieces.

After I did the pink circle I went back and filled in the rest of the earring with green eggshell.

Once you are done you have a pair of earrings so cute you could wear them any day of the year, not just Easter.