MAYA IN THE MOMENT TEEN CRAFT: Beads In a Bottle Fridge Magnet

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
I thought my fridge needed some decorated love, so I decided to make a Fridge Magnet, using Tulip Products!


 I put "beads" all around and inside the star in different colors, to make it stand out!
You can do any pattern you wish, there are many cool colors to choose from!
 Next, I used Tulip Fashion Glitter in Translucent, to add a sparkle-sugar like look.
I cover it completely, for full coverage. Make sure you place a piece of paper or paper plate to catch the excess...Recycle glitter!!! 

Lastly, glue the magnet on the back with Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue for fast action glue!
You can get these magnets at any craft store!!

 Finished product! I made another magnet using Collage Pauge, Crafty Chica Glitter, and Tissue Paper just so the other wouldn't be lonely! :)

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