Wednesday, September 7, 2011
 This is my dress transformation after using bottlecaps, string and Tulip One Step Dye! I love how the colors are super vibrant!

This is  dress I wore to my high school graduation party. That feels like ages ago. I wanted to give it a makeover, so I went for dye! 
 I used purple, teal and navy blue. I didn't want to do the usual tie method so I experimented with bottlecaps!

 Here is my dress, bottlecaps, string and scissors.

 I dampened the dress and slipped a bottlecap under the fabric and tied it tightly around the base with string. I did this all over the front of the dress. If I ever do this project again, I'll know to tie the string REALLY tight so that more of the white comes through!

 I tied the top of the dress up too.

 Here is where I added the dye. I used all three colors around the bottlecaps and on the top of the dress. Wrap it up in a plastic garbage bag and let it sit overnight. In the morning, take it out and wash in cold water in your machine.

 Finished design! Isn't it pretty? I don't think the photo does it justice!

 Here it is on the mannequin. I could hardly wait to try it on!
Outtake of me complaining to my mom about her early morning phototaking skills. At least the dress looks cool!

- 100% cotton works best.
- Dampen your fabric first.
- Tie the string around the bottlecaps really tight.
- Use a plastic tablecloth to cover your work area and use gloves.

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