Eye Candy from the 2012 Craft and Hobby Association Show

Monday, February 6, 2012

This was our showstopper mannequin created by our talented in-house team...Pattie Wilkinson, Suzie Shinseki, and Allee Marderosian.  Her dress panels were created with Tulip One-Step Dyes.  Her necklace was created using Aleene's adhesives and Tulip Fashion Glitter.  Her top was encrusted with our new Tulip Deluxe Crystals.

We had so much eye candy going on at the CHA show and took so many wonderful pics! We wanted to share with you just some of the pretty creations on display!

Betsey Johnson designer Charlene Pack created these super cool doodled mannequins.  She doodled all over them with our Tulip Fabric Markers and 3D Fashion Paint.  She even dyed all the fabrics using our dyes!

Pattiewack created these cool heels using our new Tulip Deluxe Crystals and Heat Setter.  A few people have commented that they look like googly eyes!

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