Barbie Clothes on the Runway

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Today while searching through our photo archives we found these amazing Barbie runway shots by photographer Scott Wilkinson!  We couldn't believe our eyes at just how cool Barbie looked rocking some seriously cool decorated clothes on a graffiti background! We just had to share!

Turns out a few Craft and Hobby Association tradeshows ago, Pattiewack created these awesome Barbie creations using our Tulip 3D Fashion paints, One-step dyes, Fabric Sprays, Glam-it-up crystals, and appliques!  

Any girl, young or old who plays with Barbie would love to have these cool custom clothes in their Barbie wardrobe closet!

Our Tulip paint connection and Barbie go way back, check out our flashback post about Paint 'N Dazzle Barbie from 1993!

What also makes me laugh a bit is that the runway background is totally one of our company trashcans.  That's what I call "thinking out of the can".

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