Cinco de Mayo Pinata Shirts

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nothing says Cinco de Mayo like a pinata. You know how I love to dress my kids in theme (weenie dogs anyone?) so I thought why not make them matching pinata shirts to wear this weekend. Not to mention they will be great for birthday parties. Earlier this week I featured an embroidery pattern by Mollie Johanson of Wild Olive on BlogHer. The pattern was for the March stitch-a-long at Feeling Stitchy. I kept thinking about this perky little donkey and how I needed to make something with him for this week's I Love to Create post. SUPPLIES
T-shirt and/or tank top

Tulip Fashion Paints

Stencil Bruch


Fabric Fusion Glue



Wild Olive pinata embroidery pattern

Rick Rack

Scribbles Paint Marker

Stencil 1 star pattern stencils from the Stencil 201 Book
The first thing I did was adorn a T-shirt for Baxter and a tank top for Tallulah with a star pattern from Ed Roth's Stencil 201 book. I used some festive colors from Tulip. While the paint was drying I enlarged the pinata embroidery pattern from Wild Olive and printed it out. I cut out the donkey and traced it onto two separate pieces of felt. Once the stars were dry using Fabric Fusion Glue I attached my felt pinatas to the shirts. The next thing to do was add the stripes. Molly from Wild Olive embroidered hers, but I had some colorful rick-rack that worked great. Again, I used Fabric Fusion Glue to attach the trim.
I cut out the saddle from the paper and traced onto some teal felt. Using Fabric Fusion Glue I attached to the pinatas.
Last, but not least, I added the details of the face using a Scribbles paint marker. Once everything was dry I tried to get pictures of my children modeling their new shirts. This was about as easy as herding cats. So now that I have these snazzy new matching shirts made I guess that means I should find something to do on Saturday so we can show them off. Visit us on Facebook!
Craft on!