Glittered Roller Skate Bookends

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Everyone needs a pair of glittered roller skates in their life. They make great bookends, door stops, paper weights, meat tenderizers - they are virtually indispensable around the house. Now that you know you need a pair, let me tell you how to make them.



Aleene's Tacky Glue


Tulip Fashion Glitter


Paint brush


Tulip Spray Fabric Dye

If you are lucky you will find a pair of vintage roller skates at the thrift store or a garage sale where it is a short walk to your car. I found mine at a hot outdoor flea market, nowhere near my car. However, I knew from the minute I laid eyes on them I wanted to glitter them and make a pair of bookends so it was worth it.

Covering your skates in glitter is really easy. Coat your skates in Tacky Glue and douse the wet glue with tons of glitter. I went with teal.

While your glue is drying dye your laces. I went with a neon pink. I put my laces in a plastic cup and sprayed until saturated.

So now your glue and your dye is drying, let's make some yarn pom poms. Remember when you wore pom poms on your skates? Made doing the Hokey Pokey that much more fashionable. Wrap yarn in whatever color you want around a piece of cardboard 100 times. Slide the yarn bundle off one end. Cinch the bundle by tying a piece of yarn tightly around the center. Now with scissors go in and cut all the loops. You may need to trim your pom pom.

Once everything is dry re-lace your skate. My holes had some glue over them so I used a knitting needle to poke them through. You might also realize you need to go back in and do a bit of glue and glitter touch up once you dust off excess glitter and any bald spots are revealed. I also blew my skates with a hairdryer to get a little more glitter off. Using a piece of yarn or glue attach your pom pom to your skate.

I'm kinda in love with my new skates. I suppose if they were my size I could actually still wear them to the rink. However, I prefer not to fall down in public so I will just keep them on my bookshelf.