How to throw a TIE DYE party!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Last month, we hosted a fun tie dye party in our backyard for some super creative local high school girls. They had a blast making everything from shirts to shorts to socks. They tie dyed everything, including their hands! Here's a fun guide on how to throw a tie dye party of your own. Tie dye is a great team-building activity to do at slumber parties, birthday parties, and church and club events. Here's how you can plan to tie dye at your next event!

How to throw a TIE DYE party

What you need (based on 6-8 guests):

Tulip Tie Dye Activity Kit (the one shown available at Walmart; other Tulip One-Step dye kits are available at your local craft store)
– 100% natural tshirts, socks, jeans, shorts, etc. (you can supply or have your guests bring their own)
– Extra items to dye if guests forget (optional)
– Plastic bin filled with water for wetting your clothes before dyeing
– Large plastic tablecloths
– 1 or 2 plastic or metal buckets – filled water pitchers
– Snacks and drinks (the more colorful, the better)
– Folding tables
– Weights for weighing down surface covers
– Gallon-sized plastic bags
– Paper towels
– Wet wipes

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