Embellish a Personalized Letter with Old Jewelry

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Have you been wondering what to do with all the trinkets and odds and ends you have laying around in your craft drawers and bins?   Here's the perfect project from designer Pattie Wilkinson to put them to good use. This pretty and chic DIY wall art is so easy to make and can be accomplished in an afternoon.
What you need:
Рlarge paper maché letter(s)
– random jewelry, chain, and trinkets
– Wire cutters
– Gold spray paint
Artfully arrange your items on your paper mache letter. Apply to letter using a dab of the glass and bead glue on each piece. You may need to cut off any sharp parts or details using your wire cutters.
This is what they will look like when completed!
Apply a coat of spray paint to the front and back of your letters.
Add another coat so that you get full and even coverage over the entire letter!
That's it! You have an artfully collaged letter that is visually interesting! Your friends and family won't believe that you recycled all those odds and ends making it!