MAYA IN THE MOMENT TEEN CRAFT: Easy Puffy Paint iPhone Cases

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

 Hey guys! I LOVED making these cases. I've been seeing everybody with their crazy cell phone cases and decided to make my own versions. My mom recently bought a batch of clear cases on eBay super cheap and they just happened to fit my iPhone 4s.

The most common way of decorating these is the "decoden" method and using bathroom silicone and all kinds of little charms and baubles. I tried out using Puffy Paint because I wanted a brightly colored background and it worked! Once you see all the colors of Puffy Paint, you'll get a lot of ideas. The Puffy Paint acts as a glue to hold everything in place.
Here is my tutorial video:

You'll definitely get addicted. Enjoy!

Tulip Crystals
Tulip Puffy Paint
A Chop Stick
Clear iPhone case
Other objects: Buttons, big gems, plastic charms, old jewelry pieces, guitar picks, anything small and eye catching!
Puffy Paint, topped with giant gems, then filled in with Tulip Glam It up Crystals!

Cover your work surface with plastic. Squirt the Puffy Paint on the phone case and move it around with the chopstick so you have a thick even layer. When placing items on the cover, start with the larger objects and then use the Tulip Crystals to "fill in." Make sure to let dry over night or ever longer if needed!