52 weeks of Art Plates with Laura Fraedrich: Weeks 7 and 8

Saturday, February 23, 2013
Greetings, iLoveToCreate® blog fans! I am excited to share the next two plates in my Art Plate series with you today!

Originally when I started this project, I was planning on using my own words on my plates, similar to how I art journal. I have been finding so many great famous quotes and song lyrics, though, that I have been using them instead. It's almost the same thing, because these quotes and lyrics really speak to me. So why reinvent the wheel if I don't need to? This way I get to focus more on making the art.

My next two plates kind of go hand in hand. They're both about using and following your heart and inspired by Valentine's Day. 

 Plate #8 – Open Up Your Heart
I painted this one on Valentine's Day, and the quote is from the song 'Look Through Any Doorway' by The Kinks. Quite appropriate for V Day if I do say so myself!

 Plate #9 – Fishing for Love
I knew I wanted to make an ocean themed plate this week because I was recently inspired by these great little wooden fish wall hangings I came across while shopping one day. The quote I used is by Mark Twain, and I think it's really good advice.

Both plates were made using Duncan® OhFour® Bisque plates, Cover Coats™, French Dimensions™ and Pure Brilliance®

Eight plates down and 44 more to go. I write about them in more detail on my personal blog – The Peculiar Palette – if you’d like to read more…

Until next time!