Tri-Collar Fabric Necklace Tutorial!

Friday, March 15, 2013
What do you do when you have fabric scraps that you can't bear to toss? You use them to make a necklace! This is beautiful fabric from Guatemala and I thought a necklace would look stunning with a black top. 
My style? 
I LOVE bold design, but if you don't, simply reduce the size of the fabric pieces. It's that easy! 
Ok, let me show you how I constructed this thing!
Fabric circles (Note, use Aleene’s® Stop Fraying™ if your fabric frays)
Necklace chain, clasp
Beads, needle nose pliers, jump rings  

 Apply tape along center fold, then cut sheets in a half circle.

 Remove backing paper from the tape, center chain and press in place.

Remove backing paper from the sheet and fold the top flap down. Press in place.

My necklace needed some trim, so I added Tulip® Beads in a Bottle™ Paint .

Add grommets, jump rings and beads. Add the closure to the chain ends. Try it on and adjust to the length you want!

VARIATIONS: Use more (but smaller) circles for a different look. Instead of circles, make triangles, rectangles, squares or ovals. Add glitter or crystals too!