DIY Candy Crush Sandals

Monday, July 15, 2013
True Craft Confession: I bought these plastic gems at Michaels a few weeks back with plans to use them for a mosaic inspired fashion DIY.  I've had these espadrilles for a while, but I never wear them because they're kind of boring.  It wasn't until I took the pics of the finished sandals that I realized they look just like Candy Crush Saga!  Too fun!  The colors here are vibrant, not quite neon, but very punched up.  You could use clear foil backed stones for a totally different effect. I tried a variety of adhesives, but the best by far was Aleene's 7800. It sets quickly and it's thick, so the stones don't slip around on the straps while they dry.  Take your time and work methodically.  I tried picking the stones up and dipping them in the glue, but I found that spreading the glue on with a crayon and placing them by hand worked best.  When you finish, just shave off the end and your crayon will be back in business! 
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