HIKING DIY: Silkscreen Bandanas & Shirts

Friday, August 16, 2013

This Sunday I leave on a venture I never imagined: I'm going to spend a weekend at Glen Canyon National Park (Lake Powell). I'm not at all an outdoor kind of chica, but some blogging friends of mine entered a contest to win this trip - we called ourselves The Latina Blogstars, we wrote an essay - and we won one of the spots! You can read all about it here on my blog! Every time I get nervous for a big project or event - I craft it out, that's the only way I can relax and chill my vibe. So in this case, I decided to silkscreen T-shirts and bandanas for our team members!

This is a great idea for family camping trips, hiking excursions with friends, even vacations or parties. And it's super easy, I'll show you how I got this look.
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