Icing on the Cupcake Pillow

Friday, January 21, 2011
Designed by Kathy Cano-Murillo
Whether in visual or edible form, cupcakes bring sweet smiles all around. Here’s an easy way to add a sweet touch to a girl’s bedroom. This project makes for a great activity for mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.

Materials List

  • Tulip® One-Step Fashion Dye™

  • Tulip® Glam-It-Up!™ Iron-On Fashion Designs™

    26635 Large Cupcake Pack
  • Miscellaneous

    •   Plastic wrap
    •   T-shirt – 100% cotton – Large
    •   12x12” pillow form
    •   Ruler
    •   Needle and thread
    •   Spray bottle
    •   Plastic tablecloth 


    1. Wash and dry T-shirt to remove sizing. Spread out shirt on plastic table cover and dampen with spray water bottle.
    2. Mix dye in bottle according to package directions and then pour into empty spray bottle. Spray bottom of the shirt until saturated.
    3. Fill bottle half way with water to dilute dye and spray middle of the shirt.
    4. Fill bottle to the top with water to further dilute and spray top part of shirt.
    5. Wrap shirt in plastic wrap, let set for 6-8 hours. Wash and dry.
    6. Set shirt flat on counter. Measure a 13x13” square in center of T-shirt and cut out through both layers of fabric.
    7. Turn the pieces inside out and sew up three sides.
    8. Turn right side out and iron flat. Adhere Tulip® Iron-On Fashion Designs according to package directions and where desired on pillow.
    9. Stuff with pillow form and sew an invisible seam to close the pillow.

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