Featured Artist Friday with Susan Wechsler

Friday, June 3, 2011

Artist Susan Wechsler is one talented lady and she has taken mosaic art to a whole new level! From gallery shows to installations to classes, Susan shares her passion for mosaics in many different ways. Susan honors the integrity and memory of each piece of china she works with by carefully cutting and then placing the patterns back together. She loves to inspire others through the unique telling of spiritual stories in her mosaics.

Susan's artwork ranges from shrines and houses to dresses and large-scale blossoms. She also does very large custom installations. Here's just a few examples of her amazing works!

We asked Susan a few questions about her style and artistic passion. Here's what she had to say

Describe your style.
I am in a lot of international mosaic groups and my mosaic technique is very unique. I layer shaped flat pieces of wood, edge them w/ tile and cover them with antique china. My work has a spiritual base, I call my style mix media mosaics.

What inspires you and your creative process?

I search at Antique Malls for that special ICON that gives my work its central focus and my inspiration. Sometimes it is the exterior shape like a discarded wooden shelf that gets my creativity flowing.

What is one art material you absolutely cannot do without? My ALEENE TACKY glue, of course! I love my tacky glue!

How do you organize your work space? I have a rather large studio space lined with shelves. On the shelves are stacks of china organized by color- this is my palette. Literally hanging from the rafters are all my finished pieces and large found treasures I incorporate into my work. And then I have shelves of tile, beads and boxes of stained glass. But, my favorite part of my studio are my shelves that are full of Buddhas, Angels, Quan Yins, antique frames, beads…..

What would you change about your work space?
It is an unfinished space and I wish I had central air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter.

Do you listen to music while you work? What do you listen to? ALWAYS, there is a GREAT local station that I love and all my students always ask- “What station is this?” The station has special programming they do at noon, three and five that helps me keep track of my day, other wise I would have no sense of the time flying away.

What would you tell an artist just starting out? Love what you do and do what you love! When you follow your inner guides and let go, the Universe will help you find your true calling.

Susan also loves to share her art with others. She offers mosaic classes where others get a chance to share her passion! Here's a student busy at work!

Thanks Susan for sharing your creativity with us! Visit Susan's website to learn more about her original creations! Also visit her Etsy page where she sells her unique wares!

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