DIY Business Cards

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
I've meaning to make some business cards for my blog for quite a while now.  That way if it happens to come up in a conversation, I don't have to hope the other person can remember my ridiculously long blog address and spell "Momma" the same way I do.  Handing someone a card is a lot easier. 
However, I didn't want to spend money on professional cards.  They get cheaper if you print thousands, but I don't need that many.  (I made that mistake once already when my sister and I started our headband business.  We're done with it and still have tons of cards.)  Here's what I came up with.

So, here's what I did.  I got on Picnik and created a layout I liked.  A business card is typically 3.5"x2", so you want to make sure you use that ratio in your design.  (If you're not sure how to create a design there you can find my tutorial on creating printables HERE.)  Once I had it all set I imported the jpeg file to Works.  (Any word processing program has a business card layout and it's usually located under the create labels section.) 

I am super cheap and I hate using all the colored ink in my printer.  I also don't think it prints out that nicely, so I decided to print the card on bright yellow cardstock instead.  Then I cut them out.
To add a little more interest I got out my Scribbles dimensional fabric paint.  You can use it on all sorts of projects.
I filled in the star with the paint.  It gave the cards a fun, unique look.

I experimented with other colors on the star as well.  They were fun and easy to make.  They still have a professional look and a pop of color, but without paying for it.

And now I don't have to scrounge around for a napkin or something to write my blog address on.