Dimensional glazed cards by Papercutting Kind of Day

Saturday, August 28, 2010
Paper artist, Linda, from the blog Papercutting Kind of Day used our Aleene's® Paper Glaze to create a raised, glossy look over marker-drawn images on her greeting card.

Aleene's® Paper Glaze adds a clear dimensional layer to card and paper designs, including simple line work and larger design areas. It dries to a hard, nontacky glass-like finish to accentuate design details for dimensional designs and laminating effects on paper.

Paper Glaze can be used alone or tinted with acrylic paints, and it won't run colors. It can also be accented with a variety of embellishments, like microbeads, glitter and trims.

Brush it on to cover broader areas. Use the convenient needle-nose tip for precise application and to squeeze out dots. And cut the tip up a bit more to create thicker lines for design.

You can also use Paper Glaze with rubber stamps to create watermarks.