Crafty Chica's faux embossing with tissue paper

Friday, April 29, 2011
 Can you tell this is tissue paper? It's a cool effect I've been playing with, and here is how to do it!

Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue® 
Collage Pauge® Instant Decoupage  glossy
blank canvas
chipboard letter
colored tissue
asorted craft paints
baby wipes
flat paint brush

NOTE ABOUT THIS CANVAS: It was an oops project, so this was my way of using it for a different project, so don't mind the red designs on it!

Choose your word from the letters and glue them to the canvas. I went with fuego (fire).
Squeeze out the Collage Pauge all over the canvas and apply the tissue paper.  Use the flat paint brush to get into all the groove around the letters. I used black tissue paper here. You only need to add one or two layers. If you want, you can use more than one color of tissue.

Paint the accents with gold and then add another color of paint. I added red, and then wiped off areas with the baby wipe. I let it all dry and painted with the Collage Pauge. The end result is the picture at the top of this post! You can use any chipboard shapes or even cut out your own designs!

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