Getting a KICK out of meetings here at iLoveToCreate

Monday, September 13, 2010
Doodle shoe

At a recent iLoveToCreate Team Meeting, Pattiewack thought it would be fun to engage the team with a fun doodle project! She sent around a couple of random shoes from our stash along with some Tulip® Fabric Markers™.

Doodle shoe

The only rule was that everyone had to doodle something on one of the shoes

Doodle shoe

This fun collective project resulted in some really fun and creative imagery and doodles. People even continued doodling on the shoes in the breakroom long after the meeting was over!

Tulip Fabric markers!!!

It's so cool how a collective art project like this inspires and results in so many different ideas!

So next time you want to make a statement, take your doodling off the page and reach for your Fabric Markers and sneakers! We promise, you'll have fun.

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