DIY Coloring Book Pillow

Friday, September 3, 2010

Coloring books have that cool old-school look about them. That's why when I first discovered fabric markers, I immediately thought of using that theme for some cute pillows.

This project screams "kids," but you can change it to fit your style. This idea also will work for a unique spin on a gift for a baby shower or child's birthday party.

If you don't want to make a toss pillow, use the technique to add a slash of bright color to your fabric collages, sewing projects and even scrapbooks. You could even go with neon colors for a funky Andy Warhol-inspired vibe. Regardless, any option is an easy and entertaining time-passer!


- 1 sheet of white fabric paper (this is fabric that comes in sheets, each has a paper backing so you can run it through your computer printer. You can also make your own by ironing freezer paper to the back of 8-1/2x11 sheets of light white canvas.

- Computer photo program, or you can just draw freehand or trace directly onto fabric.

- Crafty Chica® Tango Permanent Fabric Markers™ or Tulip® Fabric Markers™

- Fabric, batting, trim to make the rest of the pillow.


1. Create your design. I made mine look like a coloring book page and I used a graphics program on my computer to get this look (in the photo). Print out image onto the sheet of fabric.

2. Color the design with the markers

3. Cut two other pieces of fabric that are two-inches larger than the sheet you designed. Sew the coloring book design to one of them. Face the pieces right sides in, sew three sides and turn inside out.

4. Fill with batting, stitch the fourth side closed.


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