Wood and Rock Candle Holder

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
This project really shows the strength and versatility of Aleene’s® Platinum Bond™ 7800 All-Purpose Adhesive™. It holds difficult items together such as wood, rocks, twine and ceramic pieces in no time and with strength you can trust, after all, it’s Aleene’s.

Materials List

  • Aleene's® Platinum Bond 7800® All-Purpose Adhesive

  • Miscellaneous

    •   Masking tape, low tack
    •   Pebbles: medium and small
    •   Tree branch, about 7” length
    •   Paper towels
    •   Plate
    •   Votive holder and candle
    •   Toothpicks or craft sticks
    •   Bowl
    •   Rocks, large flat about 3” across
    •   Natural twine
    •   Scissors 


  • Working in small sections at a time, squeeze a small amount of 7800 Adhesive into center of bowl, using tip of tube to smooth. Press pebbles into glue adjusting for closest fit. Continue gluing on pebbles to fill in
  • Glue medium pebbles along rim of plate by adding a dot of glue and pressing pebble into place. If necessary, hold in place with small pieces of tape till dry.
  • Glue two flat rocks in center of plate holding in place with tape, if needed. Let dry. Glue next layers of rocks in place taping to secure. Once dry, glue remaining rocks to desired height, letting dry between each.
  • For a cushion between bowl and rock, wrap several yards of twine around bottle or glass that is about 2” across. Wrap till about ½” thick. Carefully remove from bottle. Cut end. Wrap another piece of twine around circle knotting ends to secure. Apply 7800 Adhesive along one side of circle then press in place on bottom of bowl. Let dry.
  • Position bowl in place on rock then add adhesive to inside rim of circle. Press in place on rock adjusting as needed to be level. A damp paper towel can be used to remove any wet glue if needed. Let dry.
  • Cut branch to desired length trimming ends as flat as possible to sit flat. Place plate in place then add toothpicks or small pieces of craft sticks if needed so plate will be level on branch. Glue pieces in place. When dry add glue to branch then position plate in place. Let dry.
  • Add votive to center of bowl.

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