American Heart Association Go Red for Women!

Friday, February 4, 2011
American Heart Association - Go Red for Women - dress 4

Our design team created five red dresses for the Fresno American Heart Association that will be displayed on mannequins in local businesses and worn by heart disease survivors in the fashion show next Friday!

The dress above was by Pattie Wilkinson, this is what she said about the creation of the dress!

"I ordered a cute little bandeau dress from American Apparel online, after I got Marianne’s measurements. The dress had to be dyed so it was an amazing red color, so I made sure the fabric was cotton jersey. I also found fabric to cut and sew into a shawl for her shoulders.

The Tulip® Permanent Fabric Dye was perfect for the fabulous crimson color I wanted for the dress and shawl. The paisley hearts were painted with Tulip® 3D Fashion Paints in a bohemian style, and then I added over 300 Tulip® Glam-It-Up!™ Iron-On Crystals™ to accent the red hearts on both the dress and the shawl. For an additional special touch, I sewed glass beads and a tiny heart charm to each corner of the shawl.

It was extremely inspiring for me to email back and forth with Marianne while I was designing her custom red dress. She was very excited and we both could hardly wait to meet for her fitting. When she came in to the iLoveToCreate design studio, I was thrilled when the dress fit her and she was glowing with happiness when she turned and saw herself in the mirror.

The ‘Go Red For Women’ design project has been one of the most gratifying projects I’ve participated in as a designer, and I want to thank Alyson Dias, Director of iLTC Marketing Communications for coordinating our team for the event!"

American Heart Association - Go Red for Women - dress 2

The above dress was created by Susie Shinseki. Here is her artist statment:

"My dress was designed for a mature lady so styling and design was not over

the top but something a little more classic and age appropriate. The fabric

is silk and was dyed with the permanent hot water dye.  The dress was sewn

and decorated with Tulip Soft Velveteen paint in the shape of a stylizedheart (for the theme).  I chose velveteen paint for the raised texture and color and to emphasis the heart issue, which was the purpose of the dress. Also used was the red iron-on crystals  The darker color scarf carried the same heart pattern and added a touch of drama to the the colors looked pretty on my model! She, by the way, had open heart surgery."

American Heart Association - Go Red for Women - dress 3

Tulip® Fabric Spray and Glam-it-Up Crystal Dress by Lauri Eaton.

American Heart Association - Go Red for Women - dress 1

Velvet Dress by Lauri Eaton.

American Heart Association - Go Red for Women - dress 5

Girls Dress by Allee Marderosian. Here's what Allee had to say about her dress...

"I started off with a basic white cotton dress and used Red Permanent Fabric Dye and many tightly wound rubber bands along the lower half of the dress to create the white-striped effect. After wrapping the rubber bands, I submerged the entire dress into the Red dye and let it absorb for the time indicated on the packet. I then removed the rubber bands and washed the dress to reveal the fun striped pattern! Afterwards, I laid the damp dress flat on my work surface and I brushed Red One-Step Dye onto the white-striped sections. After letting the dye set, I washed and dried the dress so I could add some sparkle! I created a shimmery, asymmetrical effect by cascading Red crystals off the shoulder and down the back and arm of the dress. To finish the look, I placed a Red Heart Iron-On Fashion Design on the bottom corner of the dress and as an additional option, I created a tutu for underneath the dress (because what little girl doesn’t love a tutu?!?!) by cutting strips of red tulle and knotting them onto a red ribbon."

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