Pieces of My Heart Pillow Set

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Designed by Allee Marderosian
Like a love meant to last, these pillows are perfect matches to your creative spirit! Tulip® Soft Fabric Paints™ fit in just right with the bold black fabric background.

Materials List

  • Tulip® Fabric Paintbrushes™

  • Tulip® Paint Tray Pack™

  • Tulip® Soft® Fabric Paint

    BI15784 Glacier White
    BI15790 Crimson Red
  • Miscellaneous

    •   Polyfill
    •   Red fabric – 2 yards
    •   Chalk pencil
    •   Thread to match
    •   Small paintbrush
    •   Straight pins
    •   Sewing machine
    •   Black cotton fabric ¬– 2 yards
  • Patterns


    1. Lay out black fabric on a flat surface.
    2. Use chalk pencil to trace along pattern and draw out two puzzle piece shapes.
    3. Cut out.
    4. Position puzzle pieces onto red/pink fabric, use straight pins to hold in place.
    5. Cut out matching red pieces to accompany black pieces.
    6. Place right sides of fabric together, pin in place and sew together, leaving a small opening to stuff pillow. Remove straight pins as you go. Repeat on second pillow.
    7. Turn pillows right side in.
    8. Squeeze out Tulip® Soft Paint Glacier White into paint tray. Use a medium size paintbrush and write out “YOU” and “ME”. (Refer to photo.)
    9. Squeeze out Tulip® Soft Paint Crimson Red into paint tray. Use a small paintbrush and paint hearts in the bottom corners of each pillow.
    10. Let dry.
    11. Stuff pillows to liking. Sew opening shut.

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