Handmade Nursery Touches

Thursday, February 24, 2011
The final count down to baby time is upon us. Heck, I'm writing this in advance and putting it on a timer - he/she could be here by now! Will it be a boy or a girl? Will they like their new nursery? So many questions! Today for I Love to Create, I thought I would show you a few of the handmade touches I have added to the room.

Oddly enough hanging in the nursery, back when it was still a spare bedroom, was a block print of a zebra that fit the decor perfectly! Only problem was the frame was dark green and all the frames in this room are fuchsia. Well as luck would have it I happen to have some Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in the perfect shade. Yup, fabric paint can go on wood too!

Next up there was the whole sheet conundrum. First of all let me reiterate that finding solid colored sheets not in a pastel shade is the bane of my nursery decorating existence. I already have a set of fuchsia sheets that I found on a whim, but what if I have a little boy? I felt like I need a back-up option in aqua. I just happened to have a white crib sheet and a Tulip Custom Dye Color Kit. I could have whipped up sheets in any color my little heart desired.

The whole theme of this nursery revolves around the fabric in the curtains. My lovely mom Fredda Perkins was kind enough to sew them for me. When she asked me if I wanted ball fringe I promptly replied something about wild bears and the woods. How did she tack that ball fringe to the curtains before stitching it in place you ask? By using Fabric Fusion Glue that's how.

Tallulah got a photo album that matched her room, it seemed only fair that the new baby get one too. Some fabric, felt, a photo album and some Fabric Fusion Glue and I'm ready to get camera happy!

The only handmade touch that the room needs now is le' bebe. What kind of handmade touches do you have in your nursery/kids room? Did you whip up a mobile, sew your own crib sheets or do some fancy stencil work on the walls. This might not be my last baby, it's never too early to start gathering ideas for nursery #3.

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