R2D2 Toms Tutorial

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

While I was perusing pinterest the other day I came upon some hand-painted R2D2 Toms.  I knew my boys would flip over them and I already had some gray plain Toms for one of them.  They were destined to become R2D2 Toms and I set out to make some myself.

I pulled out the Toms and some pictures of R2D2 to look at while painting.

I taped off the front half of the shoe and used my Tulip soft fabric paint in metallic silver to paint the toes.

Then I painted the upper half white.

I used my Tulip fabric markers to draw in the shapes.

 I used the blue marker to color in the shapes.

The blue worked really well on the white, but it didn't show quite as well over the silver, so I got out my 3-D paint pens for the rest.

After the paint dried I went back and outlined all the black one more time and called them done.

Now I just have to wait for my son to wake up and see them all done in the morning.  I can't wait!