DIY Spring Ombre Blouse!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hey guys! It's finally spring time!!! (Yaaaaaaaay! *awkward dance*) I was shopping around and saw ombre EVERYTHING. I conveniently had a blouse that needed a stain covered up (darn you sketti red sauce!!!) So I decided to ombre my blouse!
  First, make sure you cover up your surface with a garbage bag and your hands with gloves! Tie Dye is not very friendly! Next, generously squeeze the dye on the bottom of the damp shirt. (This is going to be the darkest part) If you want it darker, Black dye at the bottom should do the trick!

Next, dip the brush in the water and spread the dye up. Do this each time so it gradually looks lighter.

After this, lay the garbage bag down and hang your shirt to dry. If you just leave it flat, the color will start to crawl up!