Color Bomb Candy Crush Saga Ring DIY

Friday, June 28, 2013
Have you been playing Candy Crush like crazy on your phone and Facebook? All the gals here at iLTC have and so has my daughter Stacy.  They are sooooooo addicted and it's all I hear them talking about lately. So I decided to whip up a fun little ring for my friend Kristin here at work who's the biggest Candy Crush addict I know!  It's so easy and you can make it for a fun afternoon project. Here's how you do it!
What you need: 
Aleene's Jewelry & Metal Glue (Tabs or Adhesive...I used the tab kind)
– Wooden bead (I picked mine up at Michaels)
– Ring blank (also from Michaels)
Tulip Soft Paint in brown
Scribbles 3D Paint in various Candy Crush Color Bomb colors
– paper plate
– paintbrush
– tape
 Unpeel the Jewelry and Metal adhesive tab from it's plastic sheet and onto your ring blank base. Next, peel off your red dot.  You may be thinking, "Surely, an adhesive dot isn't all that strong."  Let me guarantee you, it is!  In fact, a while back I shared a cute spiked iPhone case I made and I'm still using it daily and not one of my spikes has fallen off!  This stuff is tough!
Pour a little brown on your plate and paint your wooden bead. Cover entirely.
Now here comes the fun part.  Make small little dots with your Scribbles paints!  I pulled up a picture for inspiration from the internet so I knew exactly what colors to use!  Dot each color randomly...
 until the entire surface is covered.  Make your dots in smaller and larger sizes just like the candy bomb in the game!
 Here's a fun tip!  Since I wanted the paint to dry and not have to hold the ring for hours, I taped the bottom of the ring blank to a plate so it would stay upright while drying. It only took 2-3 hours for it to dry!
 And here's what it looks like when worn!  So fun!
Happy SUGAR CRUSHING everyone!