Throw a Tie Dye Onesie Party at your next Baby Shower

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Baby showers can be fun.  They also can be kinda lame if you find yourself smelling baby food jars and looking at chocolate-filled diapers.  At your next shower, why not make it REALLY fun by decorating onesies for the baby to be!  Everyone will have a great time making something that will be incredibly useful after the baby arrives!  And tie dye onesies are so colorful and vibrant, so baby will totally stand out from the crowd!
What you need:
Tulip One-Step Tie Dye in a variety of colors; we suggest getting a Super Big or Kaleidoscope kit which has 12 colors inside!
– Plastic table covers
– Large table
– Plastic or metal buckets to contain the dye
– Paper towels
– Plastic gloves and aprons
– Ziploc bag
– Decorations (optional)

Before the party begins: Layout your surface cover and prepare your space!  Space your buckets apart so there is enough room for everyone!
Decorate the space if you want!  We had this cool hanging stick that we hung finished onesies from.  It made for a super cute space and offered some ideas for the tie dyers.
You'll want to first fill your bottles with water and shake to prepare them for the party!
 Make your gloves and aprons super accessible! We wrapped ours in a cut-up tie-dye shirt we had on hand! Make them super easy for guests to get to!
Have everyone dye inside the buckets so it stays mess-free!  They can follow the directions inside the guide that comes with the kit if they are needing inspiration for their project!
Once everyone is done, they can clean up their bucket with paper towels and wrap their tie dyed item in a ziploc bag and set it aside for the host to wash and give to the mom-to-be!
Since we had our baby shower for expectant company employees, all our office staff stopped by to make a onesie!  The guys especially had fun making them!
 And here's some photos of the finished creations!  Everyone did such creative designs!
A few onesies were made for the expectant boys!  Such cute color combos!
While the focus was onesies, there also were some cute tie dye bibs made tooi!  Perfect for hiding all those icky baby stains!
That's going to be one rockin' baby for sure!

All this week we will be featuring the fun projects and activities from our tie dye baby shower!  
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