DIY Feather Painted Pumpkin

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
I have become obsessed with foam pumpkins over the past few years.   I'm not alone, as pumpkin crafts have taken off on the internet!  They're so much fun and so simple to DIY.  Every different technique and treatment lends a totally different appeal.  This feather painted pumpkin is the perfect companion to the Goth Glam projects I created last year.  You'll have a blast using feathers to paint these bold graphic strokes, a technique you can use for fabrics, shoes, furniture and get a very chic mid-century modern inspired effect.  Try using different sizes of feathers and different colors of paints.  You can use this technique to make faux marble as well with a little more squiggling of the feathers.  True Craft Confession: I initially planned to accent the ridges with only the black sparkly ribbon, but I ran out mid-pumpkin and the gold chains came to the rescue.  I think they work here nicely, but you can opt to use all black instead.
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