Retro Halloween Tabletop Decor

Monday, September 16, 2013
Paper mache cones lend themselves to all manner of retrofabulous DIY projects, like these DIY Retro Tabletop Decor objets d'art.  That's a fancy pants way of saying, stuff you can use to decorate for Halloween.  I like these cones because they can be interpreted a lot of different ways, as Halloween party hats, Halloween trees or if you add black cardboard circles to the bottoms and take the felt balls off of the tops, fabulous witch's hats!  There are so many yummy trims out there that would be perfect for these, from rick-rack to rhinestones to lace ribbon.  If you want to take this further, make each hat slightly different but color coordinated.  Add black glitter to give them a little more sparkle.  These make delightful tabletop centerpieces for a party!  Tulip Soft fabric paint works like a dream on the paper mache and dries to a perfect matte finish.  Tacky Glue and a glue gun make quick work of adding trim.  This is a great girl's night in project too.  Have a glass of wine while the glue dries and then dive right in!
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