Ex-Boyfriend T-shirt Remix with the Tulip® Girls

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Tulip® Girls are at it again in the iLoveToCreate studios! In this video, watch as Chloe and Allee use Tulip® One-Step Fashion Dye™ and scissors to show you how to transform an ex-boyfriend's old t-shirt into one that will get you a new one!

Here's some fun behind-the-scenes pics!

Allee is the queen of tie dye! She's always coming up with new techniques!

Allee also created the cool sign seen at the beginning of the video!

And here's the inside of that fab Tulip® Fashion Graffiti™ hat that Chloe decked out! She shares it in the video but didn't show us the cool detail shown here. Didn't it turn out cool?

The Tulip® Girls will be back next week with an exciting DIY adventure so stay tuned!

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