The Ultimate Craft Hoarder Quiz

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A little pile of ribbon here, a few shelves of fabric there, twenty boxes of scrapbook paper stacked in your garage...have you ever wondered...
"Am I a craft hoarder?"  

If you have to ask yourself that little question, chances are you may be. Let's find out together! We've assembled a quiz to help you find out exactly where you rank!

It's time to get our your paper and pencil so you can jot down your answers!

The Ultimate Craft Hoarder Quiz

1. You redeem more coupons for crafting than you do for grocery shopping.
a. All the time, I never miss my chance to get 40% off.
b. Only during peak crafting season.
c. Craft coupons? What craft coupons?

2. You have dozens of bottles of paints that are solidified, what do you do with them?

a. Save them! I'll add a bit of water and bring them back to life.
b. Look for any that are salvadgable, toss the rest.
c. Drive them to the nearest landfill for proper disposal.

3. The dozens of clear bins you bought on sale to organize your supplies are currently:

a. Still in shopping bags in the garage.
b. In use, but not in any kind of order.
c. Filled, filed, color coded and labeled.

4. The state of your crafting space:

a. Just fine, I have a path to walk through and a 3'x3' work area that is cleared.
b. Messy, but I project clean every month.
c. It's ready 24/7/365 for a magazine photo shoot.

5. The time you held a crafty yard sale, this happened:

a. You made $5, shut down the operation, and went shopping at other yard sales.
b. Changed your mind on selling that box of random cardstock, just as someone said they wanted it.
c. You sold everything, and donated the money to a local charity.

6. Your family has given you the ultimatum - "Your 500-piece glitter collection or us."

a. You kiss them goodbye and tell them it's been nice.
b. You compromise and rent a storage shed to hold the glitter
c. You dump the glitter and tell them they are all the sparkle you need in your life!

7. When your daughter asks for some sparkly yarn for a school project, you immediately:

a. Run to your craft room and hide said yarn so she can't get her hands on it.
b. Cut off a few feet and tell her to use it wisely.
c. Give her the key to your secret expensive yarn stash to do with as she pleases.

8. Your local hardware store is having a blowout sale on mason jars.

a. You push away other shoppers and buy so many cases you have to get another cart.
b. Grab a couple cases, they will come in handy at your cousin's wedding next year.
c. Think about it, then pass on by cause you don't have a project in mind for them.

9. At the end of a crafty girls' night, you:

a. Stay to the end to take home everyone's leftover paper, glitter, flower pedals, sequin, fabric scraps and cardboard coffee sleeves. Yes, you even pick them out of the trash bin.
b. Clean up your area and choose a few select items to add to your collection.
c. Ask everyone to gather unused supplies so you can donate them to your child's classroom.

10. Your friends stop by unannounced & want to see your craft room. You invite them in and...

a. Build makeshift furniture from piles of fabric, stacks of craft magazines and boxes of rubber stamps.
b. Ask them to make a project from supplies you will select for them.
c. Present them with a pretty grab bag of brand-new supplies that you had already prepared for moments like this.

Now let's tally up your points!  Give yourself the following:

3 points for each a. 
2 points for each b. 
1 point for each c. 
The Results

If you got 25-30 points you are...The Ultimate Craft Hoarder!
Congrats! You are a legit craft hoarder. Be careful, because your family is likely planning an intervention at this very moment. Maybe it's time to think about renting a portable dumpster to
get a clean start?

If you got 16-24 points you are The Creative Mess!
You are a borderline hoarder, but you are aware of that. You know how to have fun, get messy, but still keep a grip on reality (and your glue gun).

If you got 10-15 points you are Little Miss Crafty Organizer!
Well, aren't you the crafty saint of all things organized and pristine? We suggest you knock over a jar of glitter just so your friends don't hate you.

Tell us below what your score was! We want to hear how you did!