Tie Dye Cut-out T-shirt DIY

Monday, May 13, 2013
Tie-Dye is one of the most popular and fun ways to re-create a plain t-shirt. When you Tie-Dye you become your own Artist by making  an original piece of art. 

Tulip has made creating that perfect Tie-dyed t-shirt so easy with their One-step Tie-dye kits. This kit has become my new favorite way to tie dye. 

What you need:
– T-shirt
– Scissor
– Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye kit
Pick out the colors you would like to use fill the bottle to the line with water. Decide on a design. I wanted green and teal varied stripes. Use the rubber bands provided by the kit, and make off your stripes.
Let sit for 6-8 hours you can place this in a plastic bag if you would like i just let mine sit as is.
Rinse until the water become comes clear. 
 To put my own twist on my shirt, I made cut outs around the top of collar. I cut out two triangle shapes out of paper, one large, one medium. I folded the front part of my shirt in half and folded the triangle in half and traced it on to my shirt.
Then I cut them out.
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Have a wonderful day!
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